These pictures are from Flushing Meadows, the home of Robert Moses’ fake World’s Fair from 1964 to 1965. This World’s Fair wasn’t sanctioned by BIE (Bureau of International Expositions), and is a testament to the insane ego of Robert Moses. The fair wasn’t as successful as hoped, and was followed by Expo ‘67 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Unisphere is surrounded  by huge dry fountains that are now empty and slowly falling apart and filling with plant life. 

The tall structures and the large oval structure are the ruins of the New York State Pavilion, and the globe is the ‘Unisphere,’ the centerpiece of the park. The New York State Pavilion was one of a few structures left in the park after the end of the World’s Fair, with the intention of it being used for something. As you can see, the structure was never used, and continues to decay. 

The tall structures are observation towers that used to have elevators that took people up to the top. It really is amazing that the structures have been left completely abandoned since the 60’s, and haven’t been demolished or turned into something. 

Check out these amazing photos of the New York State Pavilion during the World’s Fair.    

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